B   A   S   K   E   T   B   A   L   L


C     O     A     C     H         R     I     V     E     N     E     S     S



Elizabeth Hart (Class of 2016)

"I am forever grateful. I grew so much as an athlete and an individual. As an athlete, one can only hope to have coaches that are so invested in that athlete that all they do is build you up. The team is a family, a place that I felt was home. As I look back I remember the lessons I learned and the opportunities that challenged my faith. Basketball was More Than Winning. I am so grateful to LSA Basketball for instilling in me the love of the game, the love for my teammates and the love for my God. I will always have a piece of LSA Basketball in my heart."

Annie Chuoke (Class of 2018)

"During middle school I was always looking forward to coming into high school just to be a part of the girls basketball team. It seemed like a family and freshman year I learned that it was. When players show love for the game and each other that is a reflection of what this program is all about. LSA Basketball has instilled in me core values that have shaped me into the person I am and has taught me that the Inner Game is more important. Being a part of this team and program is something I will value forever."