B   A   S   K   E   T   B   A   L   L


C     O     A     C     H         R     I     V     E     N     E     S     S

System Basketball

"There's no better way to play basketball."
- Diana Taurasi

The overall goal of our System is take 70 shots, 35 of those shots are three-point attempts, force 24 turnovers, rebound 33% of our missed shots, and shoot 20 more shot attempts than our opponent.

By rotating a new shift of players every minute we will press and trap all over the court and create the tempo we want. We want our opponent to turn the ball over or shoot in 12 seconds or less. 

So what can you expect from our System? Most of all, you can expect to play better than you ever have, have more fun playing than you ever have, and have a clear understanding of what your role and value is to the team. In addition you can expect that everyone is probably going to play. We will generally play at least 12 players each quarter in short, rapid shifts. You can also expect to go full speed. Whatever you think full speed is now, you will find that you're going to play a lot faster than that.
The System was first created by Paul Westhead and made popular with his Loyola-Marymount teams in the late '80s and early '90s. Westhead is the only coach to have won both an NBA and WNBA Championship.
Paul Westhead, Diana Taurasi & the Phoenix Mercury won the 2007 WNBA Championship running The System.