B   A   S   K   E   T   B   A   L   L


C     O     A     C     H         R     I     V     E     N     E     S     S


SOS Pressure Defense is a system where all five defenders work in unison to create disruptive pressure on the offense. SOS starts with tight pressure on the ball. The tight pressure influences the ball handler to dribble and then forces the ball toward the next available sideline checkpoint (see diagram below). If the ball is above the free throw line, the offensive player is forced toward a sideline checkpoint. If the ball is on the wing below the free throw line, the offensive player is forced to baseline checkpoint. It is critical that the ball is kept out of the middle of the floor. As we force the ball to one side, we also build a helpside I on the weak side of the court.

On Ball Pressure Terminology & Skills

SET - On ball pressure before the offensive player has used her dribble. Lead hand is up to deflect any attempted pass and the back hand is palm up ready to deflect the ball from underneath it.

ON - On ball pressure while the offensive player is in the act of moving with the dribble. 

SMOTHER - On ball pressure once the offensive player has picked up their dribble.

Off Ball Pressure Terminology & Skills

SNUGGLE - One pass away denial position on the ball reversal. Defensive player should be able to touch their player with their back arm while keeping their front hand and foot in the passing lane.

OFF - One pass away on the strong side, one step off the defender and ready to either help stop dribble penetration or go with a hard trap.

STRIKE - Two passes away in the helpside I, ready to jump the passing lane on any weak or lofty pass from the strong side or out of a trap.

Contact Switching Terminology & Skills

We will switch on every hard screen except a ball screen below the top of the key which we will trap. Our switches cannot be soft or weak switches but must be tough, aggressive contact switches designed to keep the ball on the strong side of the floor and use the opponent's screening game to actually increase the pressure on their defense.

SCREEN - Defender calls out "Screen" as soon as it appears their player is moving to set a screen.

OVER - Once the screen takes place, the defender getting screened responds by calling out "Over" at which time the first defender jumps over the path line that the offensive screener took, to deny the ball handler the opportunity to move in that direction. At the same time, the player who called out "Over" jumps back into a SNUGGLE denial position on the screener.

SWITCH - If the offensive player commits to using the screen, the defender who first called out "Screen" completes the switch by calling out "Switch" and both players assume their roles on the new player they are guarding.

SCRAM SWITCHING - It is our philosophy that you are not beat by mismatches, you are beat by allowing open scoring opportunities. This idea reinforces our commitment to switch everything. However, in the event we switch into a mismatch (small onto a big, big onto a perimeter guard, etc.), we execute a "Scram Switch" as soon as the mismatch is off the ball. In a Scram Switch, the next closest big (or small, depending on the mismatch situation) calls out "Scram" and executes an off-ball switch to minimize the mismatch situation.

Traps In The SOS System

Traps are a big part of our defensive disruptions. Our command for trapping is "GO GREEN." There are four situations that we can use traps to turn up the pressure in the SOS System. Our rotation out of a trap is always to nearest player responsibilities. 

* Go Green on Ball Screen with rotations into the helpside I triangle.

* Go Green at Baseline Checkpoint

* Go Green in the Post (note: we don't trap with the player in the low I, we trap with the player in the high I position and rotate the other three into a helpside triangle).

* Go Green on the Uncontrolled Dribbler (trap with the closest player in the helpside I)

By trapping effectively and rotating aggressively, we are able to use traps to turn up the pressure and take our opponent out of their offense.